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Are you tired of the squawky noise from the door hinges all night? Do you have to squeeze yourself into the bedroom through the small space left by your door? Is your door taking up all the space in your tiny washroom? Do you always have to move out to see what’s happening around you? It’s time for a change! If you consider installing a sliding door, call Beaches Doors and Windows for a professional and thorough job. Bring the outdoors indoors.

Giving your home a splendid look
A sliding door will give you many functional advantages swinging doors won’t. Not only do they save you space but also create an exemplary flow between outdoor and indoor spaces. The stylish overlap while closed gives a maximum viewing area without significant obstruction.

Why Choose Us?

  • Work with the experts. Sliding doors are a perfect and modern way to make your home a palace, but they are quite a nuisance if they fail to operate correctly. While you may take installing a sliding glass door as an easy task, it’s a project that is quite difficult to execute without proper equipment, skills, and experience.

    In case you accidentally break your newly purchased glass door, you’ll have to handle sharp, broken glass within your premises. These broken glasses can cause magnificent injury even when dealt with cautiously. The good news is, Beaches doors and Windows Company offers sliding door installation services you can trust. Save your time and money, and also avoid potential injuries by letting our door experts consummate the job for you.

  • Free in-home consultation
    We’re always open and ready for you. When you call us, our courteous customer care will hear you out to understand the issue at hand. We then dispatch a team of experts to your home or company to assess and discuss with you the way out.

    Our consultations are all free, including home-based consultations. We then give you all the options, guiding you through each for an informed decision. Your security and comfort are our concern; we leave no stone unturned! Give us a call today and schedule a free, in-home consultation.

  • Fairly priced and timely services Throughout Sydney and Sydney’s Northern beaches, we offer exceptional installation services at an affordable price. Within 24 hours of our survey, we’ll serve you with a free, upfront quote and period for the installation. We will be on it immediately you approve the quote.

    Our experts are keen to position the door perfectly and ensure they fit properly. We aren’t done till you’re satisfied. Moreover, we lead by example. Our technicians always leave the working area clean, providing you practical tips on maintaining your new doors.

  • Professionalism, Integrity, and Diversity Sliding doors are made of many divergent materials and come in assorted styles. We install for you the door of your choice. Our technicians have a wide range of experience in installing glass, vinyl, metal, and wood sliding doors. We offer various sliding door installation services from consultancy, installation, maintenance, repairs, and more!

    Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you want a new doorframe built for your sliding door or the door is pre-hung; our professionals can handle it. Once we’re done, we install for you any other necessary hardware such as door trim, screens, or blinds. We leave you no extra work! Call us now for an artistic job.